How we do it at TPPC

At Tushar PMT Classes we believe Tests, examinations, quizzes are all an inexorable part of life. If NEET aspirants really want to feel confident about themselves, their learning ability, understanding and command on the topic they should become great test-takers. Even if NEET aspirants cannot grow to love tests,they must respect them and rise to the challenge because their NEET result depends on it.

Our Testing System

At Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC), We have weekly topic tests and Monthly Combined OMR based Exam (TDS) exactly like NEET. We set level of test one step higher than NEET exam. We have separate test series for AIIMS also.

Test work as a mirror for NEET aspirants. They check their understanding of subject matter, their confidence, their Time Management Skills, their Speed and Accuracy, their Endurance, Handling of Exam Pressure, Marks optimization skill, Application of elimination method and many more skills. At Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC), we provide Micro-level analysis of each test as well as the topper of the test. NEET Aspirants  receive a comprehensive report of their performance.u

The skills and training they acquire at Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC) help them throughout their life.


Learning concepts are not sufficient. They are just tools to achieve higher end of solving problem.

At Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC), NEET aspirants have to master concepts by sustained and rigorous practice of questions through assignments.

At Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC) , We have best collection of questions of all types and of all levels from elementary to standard to out of box thinking. Practice and involvement with the assignment problems will help NEET aspirants in provoking new insights in the concepts. At Tushar PMT Classes (TPPC) ,NEET aspirants  also discover by themselves new smart ways of doing same problems.

Assignments are of profound importance in shaping up the intellect and speed of the students.

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