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His teaching is outstanding but I think that we need more revision in biology. Sometimes we waste a lot of time in writing useless things in biology rather than understanding those. But what so ever he is the best teacher and I am sure at last he will make us perfect in biology.

Tushar Pant sir, most energetic teacher, his teaching skills are amazing; he makes topics so hilarious even the boring topic ones so that we enjoy to learn it. That revision classes are amazing as well so that we learn the things in our finger tips. All test sheets must be given for every chapter so that we can have more questions to practice. The amazing thing is when he scolds any student for any questions; his dialogues and the answer get stuck in my mind which is awesome. He scolds us for the marks but at the same time he motivates us as well.

Sir has a good way to communicate with fellow students he has good sense of humor. Teaching method is Old

Now for my favorite one, Tushar Sir, you are always a unique teacher. Tushar Sir tries to make every topic; even the most boring one so interesting that we fall in love with biology. Scoring in biology- “MADE EASY BY TUSHAR SIR”
The examples that are given are so hilarious & funny that the concepts get stuck to our minds within a single “Go”.
If drawbacks need to be mentioned, then it’s only that sometimes he brings us down to Earth by lowering our motivation but at the end of the day he himself cheers us up.

Bio is very important subject. As a student we expect our bio teacher should be very nice & very nice command in explanation & it’s very nice whatever we thought here in their institute we get everything. Bio teacher & his explanation is very nice. Whatever he teach we can easily understand. He has very nice teaching skills. He is also work very hard behind students & also has very frank nature with their students.- Thank You

Biology is going well but I feel like separate test after completing the chapter should be held before TDS like in other subject’s physics and chemistry. Teacher is very funny cool; full in sense of humor and most important friendly therefore we don’t hesitate in asking questions.

Tushar sir way of teaching is amazing. As he tell us each and every point of any particular topic. He teaches each topic very deeply. So, I believe that his teaching style is unique and we understand what he teaches as he collects every point from different books and then summaries it.

In starting when courses is less & speed is less than everything is going quite OK but as the course is going forward very fast & speed is going high so I am sir had a very good method of teaching which is by repeating a sentences.

Tushar Sir “WAWOO” just awesome biology teacher I have ever met. Sir there is a request ki jaise chemistry or physics me ek-ek chapterwise test hote hai vaise hi aage biology me bhi ho toh bhaut sahi ho jayga or ek request ki week me kam se kam 1 chutti honi chaiye.


Manoj Kandpal Sir, power house of motivation, friendly teacher has amazing knowledge about the subject matter, make difficult things easy , gives us so much short cut tricks, the best things is that is given us so much questions to practice in the class, which gradually increases our speed but sometimes some of the topics become boring. Rest is awesome.

Manoj Kandpal sir is (according to me) the power house of the motivation and positivity. Though he understands the difficulty of entrance exam but still tries to boost up the students in all possible ways. He tries to invent new tricks & ideas to make the subject interesting. He has helped me a lot in solving mysteries of chemistry & I hope I can give my best in this field (subject). The only drawback I found was that sometimes the topics goes monotonous or with single rhythm but nevertheless, Manoj Sir has really been a helping hand.

He has very well knowledge about chemistry. He teaches chemistry very well. He treats every student equally. His nature is very polite. He never mined whatever we ask. Thank you

Teacher is very friendly and motivating. Every time when we feel demotivation he encourages us. The way of teaching is good but we are not able to ask our problems due to shortage of time. Sir has only 2 hours for our class and in such a short time we cannot ask for questions.

It is considered 2nd most important subject for NEET students because it doesn’t include that much numerical portion as physics and too much learning portion as Biology. Although after lot of disturbance Kandpal sir has covered majority of syllabus with proper explanation.

Very good knowledge of chemistry, should speak gently with students, a very good habit of clearing doubt by shouting and doing debate with the students.


Outstanding teacher. He is the most dedicated teacher. We cannot have a teacher with full of devotion like him. He boost our concept & make us to understand each and every concept but still because of my less effort & hard work I cannot able to perform well in physics but I hope I’ll do my best next time.

Rahul Saxena Sir, I had never seen this type of teacher who is so devoted to his subject, who is engaged with the students 24*7. As a teacher he is awesome. I really get so many things about the subject as when I entered here I even don’t know about integration and differentiation. The only flaw he has is that he demotivates us.

The faculty of physics here is brilliant. Sir has an excellent way of teaching. Surely his dedication and commitment for students is indeed on source of inspiration. The teacher and side by side demonstrate the situation in practical. He is truly great. The teaching faculty of physics truly is an “Icing on the cake”.

Best teacher whatever he explains in the class it is well understood either theory or numerical. While practicing physics at home we are not able to do all questions but those doubts are cleared in the class.

Amezing, the method of teaching and the theme is very good. The dedication of the teaching faculty itself is a source of inspiration. Truly Rahul Sir is a person “emerged in physics”. Truly the sir’s method of learning is quite brilliant.

To be honest I haven’t met a teacher like Mr. Rahul Saxena who is so devoted towards his job & for the career of students. He is innovative & tries to bring something new in every concept. But, if we talk about some of the drawbacks that I have experienced is that- “There is a lack of motivation”. What I believe is that, if this particular age, aspirants need to be boosted up with the motivation, not just in the beginning but also up to the end day. Because though I have seen lot of tremendous enhancement in my physics but my score still don’t reflects the hard work. So please sir, build up motivation in students. Rest is all awesome.

Physics teacher is very nice. He is very supporting, very hard working. He always thinks about his student’s carrier to motive them. Although physics is very difficult subject but sir made it easy for us their explanation is awesome. He gives maximum time to us & he is always available when we need him. Really we are very lucky to have you as a physics teacher. Thank you.

In my entire life I have never seen a teacher, a coach so evocated & hardworking + intelligent. The initial 15 days of mathematics class opened up the Logical Section of my mind which I never knew existed. There are number of concepts I actually understood which earlier ere just managed up. The teaching is logical and anyone who follows the class properly can easily score 160+ in NEET physics.

Physics is going well teacher is very hard working but sometimes all students including me feel that teacher is teaching more than requirement. The way of teaching is awesome, creates a good environment in the class. But sometime we want motivation from teacher.

Important subject for NEET aspirant students but students often phase difficult in this subject. But teaching style of Rahul Sir makes it easy he explain each and every concept clearly and in sequence wise order.

Rahul sir’s teaching style is nice. He explains so well every question. After completion of every chapter he conduct test after 2 or 3 days which is good thing. He give extra questions to solve so that we should also think differently to solve question and use our mind in different way.

Extraordinary teacher I would have ever got. He had remove the fear of P6 from my mind and created my interest in it. He had created my interest and cleared all my concepts of P6. Very supporting and enthusiastic teacher. Genius extra knowledge on topics of general importance and current affairs.

Highly satisfied in physics.Sir is very hard working.The best part is,he help each and every student.

Very hard working teacher. Totally dedicated to his field. Knows what is good and bad for students and knows how to handle each and every situation. Know level of each and every students and give answer/explanation according to their level. Motivate students and excellent way of teaching [but I need lots of hard work ] i.e Myself

For me I find Rahul sir to be the best teacher in Physics.At times he demoralesis the student but that is his frustration towards us which is quite vaild as our result is not upto his expectation.

“PERFECT” this is a real word which is really perfect for yo respected ”Rahul sir”. Aap ne literally sikhaya ki kya hoti hai physics .Sir this institution really needs you. Sir ,you are very well versed with your subject. Under your guidance Sir I have not only learned Physics but I actually learned it from you how to devote one self to something.

Excellent teaching. Sir way of teaching is outstanding. He make us understand every concept clearly. Hard working teacher. Dedicated teacher. Clear all my doubts.

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