Tushar PMT Classes: Tips to TACKEL NEET 2018 IN LAST 2 MONTHS

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It is the high time of the year again when the competitive world at Tushar Pmt Classes is smitten by the ‘NEET 2018’ phenomenon. Everybody is busy pouring over their textbooks and guides, referring to notes, studying into the night, and sitting at their desk, sucking on pens & pencils and trying to memorise all the formulae. You wouldn’t find sincere aspirants at Tushar Pmt Classes Haldwani chatting with their friends or wasting time on smart phone. Isn’t it nice to see everyone busy? At this crucial time, it is important to have some tips to manage good score in NEET 2018.
With just a two months left for the examination, your preparation might be in full swing, right? While there are students who have completed their syllabus and doing revision and giving tests and getting confidence. There are also those who are struggling to manage course content and time.
If you are the one who have not completed your course yet, please give yourself a well-mannered, a well-planned punch. We at Tushar Pmt Classes are always there to help you in every possible manner.
If we go with the experts and NEET toppers, dedicated practice and revision are the major factors that can lead to success and Tushar Pmt Classes are fully committed to do the same.

1.Know the syllabus of the examination well
NEET syllabus is as vast as an ocean, and you need to know the exact location to fish the best output. Cut down on extra information and focus on important topics. Since we know NEET exam based on NCERT syllabus as well. This will give you ample time to concentrate on the parts of the syllabus that are covered in NCERT books.

Tushar PMT Course Program, Tushar PMT, NEET 2018

Important Focus Areas for NEET 2018 are:
Physics – Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics
Chemistry – Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry
Biology– Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology

2.Good study material
Yes, that’s the most important element! While selecting the right study material for NEET is little confusing, with the help of teachers you can choose the right one. You can consult NEET toppers and see which book they referred. Of course, they won’t be reachable for all of you. So, you can read NEET topper interviews and try to get an idea about their preparation style. You should prepare study notes for NEET, solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Tushar Pmt Classes have latest updated study material for every subject and standard text books for NEET preparation. We also have last 30 years papers to get a feel of NEET level.

3.Come up with an effective study plan
Time is priceless. We all know this, yet many aspirants fail to make the proper use of time and take a nosedive. Goal setting can be used as a strategy to help aspirants bring positive changes into their lives. In order to implement the setting of a goal, make sure to ask oneself some questions: What is my goal? Is my goal realistic? How much effort has to be put in to fulfill my goal? Until and unless you make a complete and thorough schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. Plan for the week in advance and figure out chapters that you need to prepare from the beginning. We at Tushar Pmt Classes have 5-6 hrs of classes every day and expect aspirants to give at least 8-10 hrs of time at their home or hostel.

4.Work on weaker areas
It is possible that you are very strong in one subject and weak in the other. Do not get discouraged by the same. Try and work hard more on the weaker areas to strengthen them. If required, take help from a friend or senior or take extra classes for the subject. It will help in overcoming the fear of your weakness effectively. Tushar Pmt classes also organise special revision classes for important or complex topics.

5.Practice mock test papers
One of the greatest challenges of the NEET examination is the time limitation. Students have to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes (3 hours). It means they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. Time management is a mandatory skill that is required for this exam. While practicing at home, make sure that you keep the time limitation in mind. We at Tushar Pmt Classes ensure that 90 Questions of biology must be done within 40-45 min. 45 question of chemistry must be done within 50-55 min. 45 questions of physics must be done in about 70-80 min. to achive this end Tushar Pmt Classes organise separate subject tests within this time frame only. We are famous for have maximum number of tests in whole haldwani. At TPC tests are followed by discussions. Tests without discussions are useless.

6.Regular Study Breaks
We are humans and not machines. So, we require timely rest as, after all, even machines need some rest to get back to working efficiently. Hence, it is essential to realize that one can’t maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking an optimum break to recover. But beware that you don’t bring the breaks on a higher priority than studies. Breaks can be in the form of a ten-minute walk or simply taking a small nap. Never ever touch your phone in the name of break. Completely get away from virtual world i.e. facebook etc. At TPC we have a reading room and all the classes are open for students till late night for self study.

7.Do not fall for guesswork
Many candidates have the tendency of taking the guesswork route for solving questions they don’t know. However, it might prove risky in this case as there is negative marking for a wrong answer. It is recommended to leave a question completely if you do not know the right answer. There are methods of smart guess work. We at Tushar Pmt Classes try to inculcate those methods and the logic behind them. Such as using Dimensional analysis to get answers or by elimination method etc.

8.Health is everything
It’s crucial to evaluate yourself both physically and mentally. Instead of complaining “I never get enough sleep” or “I’m eating too much fast food,” take control and plan for bringing in the balance. This will help you to be happier and more productive. Avoid junk and oily foods and switch to healthy diet plans. Do meditation and yoga exercises for better concentration. We at Tushar Pmt Classes frequently guide aspirants about healthy living and fooding.

9.Positivity is imperative
Your attitude decides the effectiveness of the learning process. If you possess a negative approach and keep saying that you can’t do it, then this won’t commit to the idea of learning. A grumbling approach will only make things difficult. The moment you start thinking positively, your brain will show greater activity. A right frame of mind also makes you feel less anxious and more open to new ideas. Motivation seminars are organised by faculty members itself from time to time at Tushar pmt Classes.
All the best of smart hard work from Tushar Pmt Classes. Tushar PMT Classes

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